Privacy Policy

In the Information Age, knowledge is power, and TSC is committed to protecting our affiliates' private records and sensitive data. Our Privacy Policy is your guarantee that we will never use your proprietary information for our own benefit. We will not review, analyze, or interpret your student data. Our success is based on protecting and growing your business.

Terms of Service

Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc., (TSC) negotiates affiliate contracts on an individual basis. We provide competitive pricing on a complete selection of products over a wide range of contract durations. We also offer flexible payment plans and a variety of payment options. TSC is used to collaborating with affiliates organized under a variety of business models, and we work with each of our partners to structure an agreement that works best for them.

Legal Disclaimer

The information presented herein represents goods and services available from Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc. The purpose of this promotional contact and any other oral or written contact is to inform you of the goods and services offered by Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc. This is not an attempt to encourage or otherwise solicit the termination or breach of any existing contracts that you may have with any other providers.